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Waverley Primary School


The Waverley Primary School curriculum is the heart of teaching and learning in our school. Each element has been selected or designed to stimulate interest and promote intellectual curiosity in our pupils; to raise aspiration; and to secure the future opportunities that we want all Waverley students to enjoy.

Our curriculum is founded on effective planning, teaching and assessment practices that have been shaped by educational research, National Curriculum expectations, and the knowledge and experience of our teaching team. The high-quality teaching and learning that we deliver reflects a pedagogy based on the consolidation of knowledge, securing long-term understanding, and the development of skills year-on-year. We are proud of the progress that our pupils make during their journey through our school, and the enthusiasm they demonstrate in pursuing their learning.

At Waverley Primary, we appreciate that academic attainment is not the only important outcome of primary education. Through an enriched curriculum, delivered by pastoral and supporting staff alongside our teachers, we foster wellbeing, confidence, personal development and core British values. It is important to us that the children who graduate from Waverley are fully prepared to become successful, constructive, compassionate members of the educational, professional and social communities that they will go on to join.

The curriculum provision at Waverley is supported by a robust framework of assessment and intervention, founded on the detailed question-level analysis that we undertake as a member of the PiXL school network. This enables us to identify specific gaps in understanding so that we are able to support all learners.

Safeguarding children’s welfare and promoting healthy, positive behaviours are at the foundation of everything we do as a school, and this is also reflected in our curriculum, where e-safety and PHSE are woven into the syllabus for every year group. Our dedicated pastoral team diligently uphold these values across school, in collaboration with the teaching staff.

The Waverley Primary School curriculum encompasses academic aspiration, wellbeing, personal development and cherished community values.

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